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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday at Movies

This morning I woke up with a hunker for donuts from Ricomini Bakery and movies. *wg* I know that sounds totally weird, but those who truly know me will know it's beyond normal - especially coming from me. Hah!

After spending some time just browsing what was new at Borders, I went to see "National Treasure 2." I loved the first one a lot even though I admit I'm not a Nicholas Cage fan. I've been catching it every time they show it on TV. This second one was really good. I loved the settings. Beautiful scenery! I also loved the new plot. However, I admit I missed the relationship between Ben and Riley. I even missed Riley's sarcastic comments that made me laughed so much in the first movie. He had . After coming out of the movie, I felt (really, really, really) tempted to sneak in and catch "The Golden Compass." The only thing that stopped me was that the youngest witchling

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Not-so-Perfect Christmas Day

I got "Harry Potter 5" on DVD and some chocolate-covered cherries. I was hoping also to get “Pirates of the Caribbean 3” (I was planning a Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow marathon tonight), but the copies that I ordered about 18 days ago from Amazon.com are still lost somewhere between Florida and Puerto Rico. I checked again this morning. Grrr! I was finally pissed off enough to send Amazon an email asking them WTF is wrong with that order.

To top an almost-lousy day, I was hoping to catch "National Treasure 2" at 2:50 pm in our local theater. I checked their website to make sure of the hour. But when I showed up, they had moved the first showing of the movie at 5:00 pm. Ah heck... No way I was catching such late show. And here I was all dressed up for nothing. Ah well... Instead I went to Baskin Robbins, bought some mint chocolate chip ice cream, and returned home to watch Harry Potter 5 on DVD.


Saturday, December 08, 2007

Not Trying to Be Internet Fashionable

I know youngsters love to be into the latest web hypes - blogs, MP3 download, iTunes download, deviant art, online photo albums, etc. But not me. Maybe in the past. Back 17 years ago when the Internet was new to all of us. I admit I tried anything new on the web - BBS, MUD, RPing, chatrooms, etc. But not now. With my(extremely) limited time to spend online? I so don't need another thing to make me waste more of my (little) spare time. (Like I don't have enough addictions on the web already, right? *LOL*)

Now the latest craze that's sweeping the web - MySpace. I've seen people - not just tweens and teens - get into that bandwagon. Seems like you ain't cool if you don't have a MySpace. I admit that I had a MySpace webpage just for to explore the concept out of curiosity, back when it wasn't cool to be in MySpace. *lol* But after a couple of months I deleted my account. That was about 2 years ago. Frankly, I didn't give a damn about it. However, my witchlings, both who have their own MySpace webpages and think it's the cooles thing ever, had been bugging me to open another account. Me? I didn't .

But today I took the youngest witchling to my office. Yeah, it's Saturday but I needed to do a , and youngest witchling tagged along with me. While she was checking her MySpace account, she kept asking me questions about how to do this or that, and of course I'd answer. Amazed that I knew so much about it, she asked me why I didn't open an account. I told her I'd not waste my time with it.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Another Date Slips By

Geez... I've been so busy lately that Pixie's second passing anniversary yesterday slipped by, and I didn't notice. *sighs* There has something to be said for people like me that work so hard that let forget to important dates.