13,600 / 20,000 (68%)

Samba story
7,926 / 8,000 (99.1%)

S.M. (Book 1)
580 / 10,000 (5.8%)

S.M. (Book 2)
1,010 / 10,000 (10%)

4,032 / 10,000 (40.5%)

ASPCA Day is April 10

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

First of all, Happy Halloween - or Blessed Samhain - to you all! I just love this time of the year. Definitely one of my favorites. Why? Well, what's not to like? I enjoy decorating my house for Samhain. Lights everywhere. Morris the Cat

Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's almost that time of the month...

...and I'm not referring to the womanly days. I'm talking about the NaNo Challenge. I can't believe November is already here. And people everywhere are buzzing about NaNo again. Has it been already a year since I last participated in this? Wow... *blinks blinks* I've been so busy with other things that I'd not thought about NaNo. Hmm... Honestly, I don't know if I'm going to join the madness this year. Everybody is being so enthusiastic about it that sometimes I feel almost swept away with their energy. I said "almost." I don't want to join just because everybody else is doing it. Last year I got caught up in the NaNo fever, and personally, it became a struggle to finish it. Sorry, but I'm not one of those who gets all fired up about something just to quit when they tough gets going. If I join, I'll have to finish it. So I'm considering it...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm a deviant!

Not that kind of deviant... (For those of you who are thinking, "I already knew you were a little sickie. Did you finally decide to come out of the deviant closet?") I'm talking about in an artistic way. And no, it has nothing to do with photographic naked men. Oh you guys get your mind of the gutter!

Have you heard of Deviant Art? It's an online community for artistic people who want to share their artwork. If you've not visited the website, you should. You'll be amazed at the number of talented young people there. At the insistance of one of my tutors and his girlfriend, I opened an account there back in 2005. Of course, I didn't know why I bothered doing it since I can draw even if it's to save my life. But there it was, that account dormant. Sure, I visited Deviant Art quite often and checked out the wonderful artwork posted there. But that was that.

Well, recently Cassandra Curtis and Cora Zane approached me to work on the covers for their ebooks. You see, they'd planned to give away so free ebooks this month, and they wanted to have nice covers. And...guess what? I accepted. I know what you thinking, "WTF? Silma, you don't know shit about book cover creation or graphic arts." Okay, I admit you're right. But don't you see? It was a CHALLENGE! The possibilities of failing were there, and I found exhilirating. (Now that makes me a deviant, alright! *rofl*) Besides, I critized enough ebook covers, so it was about time I put my money were my mouth is. Or is it try it and maybe fall flat in my ass? Oh... whatever! The thing is that the creative bug had bit me. And bit me hard!

So on I went on to work and ... tah dah...!!! I did it! Check it out!

Cassandra's cover was the easiest. Now Cora's was a bit harder. That motorcycle was a little to find and then to make it match with the rest of the colors/shadows. Now the last one... oy!... I did like 5 different versions before I settled for one. I know these might not be the best book covers you've ever seen, but

Finally I put my deviant art account to use and uploaded them. Hehehe! I'm at:


I had so much fun with it, that I'm planning to keep doing this. Just until my creativity runs out. Hahaha!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Peeping in...

Yeah, I know I promise to start blogging regularly again but it's been exactly a month today since I last blogged. Sorry about that. Life has a way to butt in. Not much to say really. Although things at work are going a bit smoother, there's still a slight tension underneath. That level of uncertainty that of what's going to happen with our jobs. The only blessing we've had is that there have been more problems with the online labs than last semester. Everyone is pulling their hair, angry at the situation. Every day I get so many complains, and I'm the only one capable of solving them. So you can imagine how busy I've been. Which in a way it's good thing. Well, good for me. It makes my big bosses see that my job is needed. No complains in that department.

As for writing, I've not touch my computer to write - except for a few emails. (Note: To those who I still owe emails, I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.) Have I been uninspired? Yes. Up to a certain point. Okay, ideas are sort of hazy in my head. Which is good, right? But I no longer feel motivate it to sit before the computer and write them.