13,600 / 20,000 (68%)

Samba story
7,926 / 8,000 (99.1%)

S.M. (Book 1)
580 / 10,000 (5.8%)

S.M. (Book 2)
1,010 / 10,000 (10%)

4,032 / 10,000 (40.5%)

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

NaNo Challenge - Day 30

Yeah, I know you all thought I'd report every once in a while to keep you updated about my progress. Sorry. Honestly, I thought I would too. But November has been a very busy month for me. Since it was the end of the semester, things got whacked around the office. Rush...rush..rush... Everything has to be finished and ready to hand in for tomorrow, December 1. But I can proudly say that all is well. Every single form has been filled out. All I have to do tomorrow is send them. *g*

On top of that Pixie's health hasn't improved much. It hasn't gotten worst either. Still he is never far in my thoughts, even when I'm at home writing before the computer. Every time he coughs or something I worry. I had taken him to the vet twice. The dosage of the heart pills was increased. Not a good thing if you ask me. *sighs* He has had two more seizures. The last one was after Thanksgiving.

Then I had the whole NaNo challenge thing as you all know. I'm happy to report that I was able to finish 3 of the 5 stories. Yay! (I'll worry about Although I didn't finish the other two, I added some considerable amount of chapters to them, so it wasn't a waste of time. A few minutes ago I uploaded everything to the NaNo challenge counter...and I won. Woohoo!

I missed you all! Hopefully things are going to be now back to normal. *crosses her fingers*

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

NaNo Challenge - Day 1

I woke this morning, and all I could think was "It's NaNo time." (Boy, talk about waking up with stress already!) With that thought pounding in mind like a mantra, I spent every free moment at work thinking about what to write about for the NaNo Challenge. I took out a notepad and pen to jot down whatever popped into my head, but all I did was doodled in it. I couldn't believe I wasn't any closer to coming with a glimmer of an idea for it than I had been yesterday. By the end of day, I went home feeling defeated - and with a terrible headache.

After taking a long hot shower, hoping to clear my mind, I gave it another go but the only idea that I came up with - which by the way it will make a great sci-fi story - required me to do too much research. And that meant wasting time that I could be writing. So I put that sci-fi idea in the backburner instead. Anyway, after three hours of nothing, I was seriously thinking about bowing out of the whole NaNo thing unitl I logged into the web and opened an email from a friend. She suggested me that I should round up the 5 short novellas I've not finished and use the NaNo challenge time to finish them instead of writing a new story. Oh DUH! What a great idea! Why didn't I think of that before?

I browsed the files and pulled the stories I'm going to be working with during the NaNo challenge out. I didn't do any writing on them though. I'll start tomorrow. Finally I feel like I can get to direct my creative energies toward something.

Hope you all NaNo challengers are doing better than me!