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Monday, June 09, 2008

Going green (part 3)

Today I dropped by Walgreens to buy some vitamins and was (wonderfully) surprised to see they have the "green bags" on displayed. And all I can say is...it's about time! I didn't mind the recycle plastic bags because at least they were, well, recyclable. But still... it was such a waste of material. These green bags are a better way to protect the environment, and they're very eco-friendly because you can use re-use them. If they get dirty, you can wash them. BTW, they advertise this green bag is water repellent, preventing foul odors or bacteria. Nice, uh? And when they get old, you can recycle them because they're 100% recycle. How's that for environmentally friendly? *wg*

I'm so glad Walgreens is getting more conscious about the environment and starting to use the green bags. Besides, they're cheap, only 99 cents, which you pay only once anyway. Now I'm the proud owner of a green bag. Hehehe! I wonder if I can get Borders and Kmart to allow me to use it too. *g*